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AndroidBox: NO

24/7 Support: YES

Reacharge: 3 /M

Speed: 50 MBPS


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Andriod Box: YES

24/7 Support: ✔️

Reacharge: 6 / M

Storage: 100 MBPS


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Andriod Box: YES

24/7 Support: ✔️

Reacharge: 12 /M

Speed: 200 MBPS


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Andriod Box: YES

24/7 Support: ✔️

Reacharge: Custom✔️

Storage: Unlimited


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Internet Service Providers Durg And Bhilai

Chandu Cable

Require New Internet Connection

We keep the hustle going

Chanducableis the best internet provider in your area. We put every second into making sure you have the best possible internet experience. We have 3 independent, high-speed internet routes that connect to multiple international stations. This ensures you have the right network to back you up. We have close ties with the Telcos, which means that you can binge whenever you like.

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Never before speeds of fiber to neighborhood

Chandu Cable  offers Ultra-High Speed Broadband service. The fiber will reach your neighborhood. Nextra is a super-fast broadband service that offers speeds up to 300 Mbps. This is in contrast to conventional broadband providers who struggle to provide speeds above 4 Mbps. There are options available for 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps, 200 Mb/s, 300 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. Nextra offers you super fast speeds. Faster speeds mean more entertainment, more work, and more productivity. More time. More fun.

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Bandwidth For Sharing And Uploading

Uploading videos to Youtube or sharing photos on Facebook is a difficult task. The Upload Speed of your Broadband Service Provider was not disclosed to you.ADSLLow connection (just mentioned the Download Speed at 2/4 Mb/s). Ask your service provider about the upload speed they offer. Ask your service provider what upload speed it offers.”A”In “ADSL” it means. You can also do aSpeedtestFind out the truth about your connection by clicking here.Cahndu Cable provides the speed you need to upload videos and share photos..

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Bandwidth for Multiple Smart Devices

You don’t need to limit your internet access to one PC/Laptop. Most likely, you have several Wi-Fi-capable Smartphones and some tablets (iPad or Galaxy Tab, etc.). You may have a few Wi-Fi capable Smartphones and tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.) in your household. Perhaps an Internet-connected Gaming Console! A Smart TV/Smart TV Box will soon be available! Your old slow broadband connection will not be able handle these. It’s unlikely. Chandu cable Broadband allows you to choose the speed that suits your needs – 50, 100, 200 & 300Mbps. Bandwidth for Multiple Smart Devices

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Smart Home Solution

Invest in the future of smart living

Smart Home Features

Control Everything at Your Fingertips


We provide a full range of services that will help your organization work better.


Network Related Device 

We Provide All type of network Device Also Provide Best Solution for Network Realated Issue Home Office and exteneded Wifif Range Home With Singal Lose .

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